4 Mistakes Even the Smartest Travelers Make

The idea of travel is something that most of us love. In fact, more people are investing in holidays than things these days, whether it’s going all out by renting one of those luxurious Nicholson BVI charters or keeping things budget-friendly with simple holidays nearby.

But travelling is not all fun. Even the smartest travellers commit these travel mistakes that could easily ruin any holiday:

Trusting Valuables to a Stranger

Lost passports, wallets and gadgets are so common for travellers who are not smart enough to take care of their valuables. To save yourself from this costly mishap, make sure to put your valuables in a pouch inside your carry-on so it stays with you all the time. If the flight attendant needs to place your carry-on somewhere else because your overhead bin is full, you can easily remove the pouch to keep your valuables with you during the flight. When aboard one of those Nicholson BVI charters and travelling with others, ask for a vault that you can put in your room.

Bookings That Are Too Close to Each Other

How many times have you seen people running through the airport because they’re going to miss their connecting flight? The thing is, you cannot predict the weather or airport conditions, and if one flight gets delayed, you could end up missing your connecting flight. To avoid this, it’s best to create a safe buffer between your flights. A two- to three-hour layover until your next flight is ideal because it gives you time to check-in, go through security, and even grab a meal. If your booking a cruise ship or one of those British Virgin Island yacht charter tours, make sure that you keep in mind the time of your travel from the house to the port, so you will have enough time to rest and get ready for the long yet relaxing sea holiday.

Foregoing an Itinerary

Sure, you just want to relax during your holiday and not rush from one place to the other, but not creating an itinerary will make you miss out on great experiences. If you’re cruising on a yacht charter or in one of the luxurious Nicholson BVI charters, decide on stopovers and book activities ahead of time. If you’re staying in one country, schedule your chosen activities so you don’t waste time wondering where you’re supposed to go.

Missing Out on the VIP Treatment

Are you going on a trip to celebrate an anniversary or birthday? Make sure to let your hotel know the reason for your travel. Most hotels will be more than happy to offer you a free upgrade or give you the special treatment to make your trip memorable. It’s also a good way for them to promote their establishment, so take advantage of the opportunity to be treated like royalty without paying for the hefty price. This goes the same as celebrating an occasion aboard a cruise ship or a yacht charter BVI.

The good thing is, these travel mistakes can be avoided with proper research and preparation. While it’s normal to be excited about your holiday, taking a few precautions will surely make your trip more fun and unforgettable. Want to book a yacht for your next Caribbean holiday?