Pros and Cons of the Cool Cruisers from Harley Davidson

When people hear of Harley, they often imagine the large bulky motorcycles with a fantastically cool design. That model of Harley is actually the Softail motorcycle and is the cool cruiser series that is popular worldwide.

Thus, you probably want to own one of the 2019 Softail Motorcycles from Harley.  Thing is, it would be best for you to know about the pros and cons of cruisers, so you would know what’s it probably like to own a Softail motorbike.

Pros and Cons of Cruiser Motorcycles You Should Know

Planning to purchase your new cruiser motorbike from Harley Davidson? Hold yourself for a moment, and know about its pros and cons.

This could help you decide if you’d go for the Softail, or choose some other top of the line models like the 2019 CVO limited.

Pros of a Cruiser Motorbike

Cruisers are Cool

In fact, many riders see cruisers as the coolest-looking motorcycles in terms of design and style. It has quality paints and designs, plus you can add more accessories to make it look more stunning.

This is the perfect motorbike for you if you want to make a statement or catch attention whilst on the road.


If you want a motorbike that you can conveniently customize according to your preference, one of the 2019 Softail Motorcycles is definitely for you.

You can easily replace many parts of a cruiser, like the handlebars, front forks, fuel tank, tires and some other stuff. This means that you can transform a cruiser to suit your idea of a motorbike.

Powerful Engines

Cruisers are known to be extremely powerful in terms of horsepower, especially in zipping through a long flat road. In fact, it’s difficult to come up with other types of motorcycles that could match a Harley Softail in terms of raw power.

Cons of a Cruiser Motorbike

Heavy and Large

Its size and weight are the biggest drawbacks of a cruiser. Such factors make it difficult for cruisers to maneuver in the middle of the city, where frequent twists and turns Aare present.

These are also the main reasons why many aging riders prefer to own a Harley Davidson 2019 Trike.

Uneconomical Engine

Cruisers could be very powerful, but such factor also causes it to consume more fuel. Thus, if you want to save cash from fuel expenses, you should consider going for other motorbikes.

Cruisers could be Very Impractical

Cruisers focus more on its cool appearance, thus sacrificing practicality on many angles. This makes riding a cruiser even harder, especially if you’d use it for long hours.

If you want far more practical choice, you can go for 2019 Sportster motorcycle or a touring one.

These are few of the perks and drawbacks of cruisers that you should know before buying one of the 2019 Softail Motorcycles. Thing is, if you’re really a fan of a cruiser and its perks, Harley Davidson 2019 models would be great deals for you.