Travel Guide to Cape York in Australia

Australia is a haven for tourists as there is a wide range of activity to do and things to see. On one part of Australia, you get to explore beautiful lush greens and breathtaking coastal views. On the other side of the country, you can get desert landscapes and wildlife preserves. If you particularly enjoy a safari adventure and a wild four-wheel-drive road trip, then you should include a stop to Cape York in your itinerary. Cape York tours Australia companies are in demand these days as travel to Cape York Peninsula is a bit remote. Therefore, booking a tour company to get you there will make the adventure easier and no less fun!

Cape York tours Australia

Cape York Peninsula is often referred to as the Tip. It got its name from its geographical location on the map, which is literally at the farthest northern tip of Australia. Cape York tours in Australia is sought after by tourists due to its rich aboriginal history. At the same time, it is a haven for nature and outdoor lovers because of its untamed wilderness area. Your Cape York tour will most definitely consist of exploring ancient rock arts, untouched natural scenery, and many more.

There are two seasons in Cape York: dry and wet season. Hence, you need to take these seasons into account when you book with a company that offers Cape York tours Australia has today. The dry season kicks off in May and ends in November. Meanwhile, the wet season starts from November until April. To make the most of the beautiful natural scenery in Cape York, the best time to go is during dry season.

Due to the untamed and mostly untouched part of the region, it is recommended that you drive through the region using a 4WD vehicle. If you do not own one, you can rent them through your tour company. After the rain, these tough driving conditions become even more difficult to handle to the point of being impassable. It is therefore your prerogative to check road conditions prior to hitting the road. With tour companies, they will do that on your behalf, making road trips in Cape York easier to handle.

Despite the challenging road conditions, Cape York is frequently visited by tourists that like to explore its many national parks. Among these notable parks in Cape York are Lakefield National Park, Cape Melville National Park, Starke National Park, Iron Range National Park, and Mungkan Kandju National Park. With such a beautiful natural scenery, there are limitless activities you can add to your itinerary during the tour. You can try bush walking, fishing, bird and wildlife watching, camping, hiking, or four-wheel driving!

To take full advantage of the wonderful natural beauty in Cape York, think about booking a travel tour with Cape York tours Australia has for you. Discovery Tours Australia is a company offering 8-day tours in Cape York so you can see all that this region has to offer. You can take advantage of both fly or drive tours to suit your preference.