Home Areas to Insulate Effectively to Save on Your Electricity Bill

Is your electricity bill rising steadily? Perhaps that’s due to inflation. Alternatively, it could be that you’ve also acquired new electronic devices lately, such as a home entertainment system, alarm system, and remote controlled garage doors Melbourne home improvement experts offer.

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On the other hand, it’s also possible that your home isn’t insulated enough that it’s energy requirement increases. Especially if you’re living in an area with extreme weather conditions, you’re more likely to use your HVAC unit more frequently.

Electricity is essential but don’t overspend on it. Find ways to improve the insulation of the following areas of your home to save on your power consumption:

1. Garage

The garage is where you tinker cars and do some art projects. Perhaps, you’ve also converted a part of this area into a home entertainment room. However, the garage can be very humid, requiring you to use the HVAC too much. Therefore, to maximise your HVAC use, consider installing sectional garage doors Melbourne experts offer. This type of door has a polyurethane panelling system that helps with the insulation.

2. Attic Spaces

When designed well, the attic can be a perfect study area and a home library offering a panoramic view of the outdoors. But with its ceiling too low, an attic room can be too hot during the summer and too cold during the winter. And it’s inevitable to turn on the air conditioning to full capacity. Insulate the rafters.

As a result, use linens, rugs, and curtains appropriate for the season. If you don’t know how to choose the right products, take advantage of the tips and advise producers and sellers of energy-efficient, rafters, insulation materials, and garage doors Melbourne offer.

3. Basement Rooms

Insulation might not be necessary for the basement if you’ve converted it into a parking area. If that’s the case, all you need to do is choose the right garage door, be it sectional or commercial roller doors Melbourne providers offer. However, if you’ve turned it into a room or a living area, be sure to insulate it properly. Remember that the basement room can also be too humid or cold. Protect the space from moisture. Consider backfilling to insulate the damp-proof coating.

4. Exterior Wall

Add air sealing to your home by attaching it to the exterior wall. You can also opt to have injectable spray foam insulation. You might also like to have foam sheathing, instead of wood sheathing products, for its R-value. Consequently, when insulating the exterior wall of your garage, consider any possible conversion in the future, be it into a room or living area. Hence, choose the right products effectively, such as the insulation supplies and garage doors Melbourne providers have in store.

5. Floor

Lastly, insulate the floor. But before you start, remember that the floor is highly susceptible to moisture damage. Hence, choose an insulation material that’s damp-proof. You can opt for insulating concrete forms, foam board, concrete blocks, and sprayed foam insulation.

Final notes

Proper insulation can greatly help you reduce your home’s power consumption. You can start with the garage by looking for the right materials, such as the floor insulation and garage door manufacturers, such as ECO Garage Doors, offer. For there, you can carry out the project for the attic, basement, and other areas.