Top 5 trending Hampton style houses this 2019

If you are looking for glamour, casual, and sophisticated style of a house near the coast then Hampton style house plans are a great choice for you. It is a kind of house that has discreet window treatments and light colours that emits a bright and breezy vibe. There is plenty of different Hampton style to choose from in the real estate industry. However, if you want to take a peek on the latest trend of high-style Hampton houses, here’s a list of them for you to use to help you decide and visualize your Hampton dream house.

hampton style house plans

Colonial revival Hampton house

The colonial revival Hampton house has very classic details in its exteriors. This is one of the Hampton style house plans that preserve the traditional house appearance, like bricks and panelled windows, while modernizing some parts of it. It uses natural elements for its interiors and has a ceiling fixture of cubist cloud formation. You can also add a silk rug that looks like sand once the house construction is done to add some colonial elegance to the architecture.

Lush Hampton style house with garden

Inspired with lavish hydrangeas engulf houses in 1990, the lush Hampton style house is considered to be one of the high-end types of a house by some architects according to Though it is a bit expensive to build, its dreamy landscape and the fabulous outcome is worth the shot if you have a proper budget. It is a great style to build in coastal areas like Sanctuary Cove and Sunshine Coast. You can ask still attain this kind of house with customisation by asking Hamptons style Sanctuary Cove house provider about the prices ahead of time. This way, you can save up enough money and also plan which one you will customise to fit your budget. Click here McCarthy Homes

Historic summer Hampton house

The historic summer Hampton style house is a refined version of a shingle-clad summer house. It is still built with shingle materials that give emphasis to the historical look of the building. However, its interiors are already modernised such as ceiling and floors, which you can also customise with the help of custom house builder providers.

Shingle Hampton style house

With a stunning shingle design and modern Victorian interiors, the shingle Hampton style house is a perfect definition of warmth and contemporary elegance. With sophistication in mind, the first shingle Hampton style house plans were devised with the cooperation of architects and designers. One of the great features of the shingle Hampton style house is its Victorian concept that was modernised by the interior designers, such as waterworks sink fittings and vintage lanterns.

Stylish Bridgehampton house

The Stylish Bridgehampton house is another high-end Hamptons style house plans Australia offers today. It is mainly built-in glass walls that allow you to see the outside view. This is a perfect design if you want to build your house near the Coast. With its glass walls, you can see the stunning view of the ocean waves and glittering sand from your living room and kitchen. And if you are planning to build a Stylish Bridgehampton house further away from the shores and coast, you can also opt-in for building a lavish garden with swimming pool outside to utilize the glass walls see-through function.