Questions to ask yourself to come up with the best decision when buying double swing gate kits

Buying the right kit for your electric gate can seem simple, with a wide variety of options to choose from. But actually, the wide availability of options also makes this task difficult. As for swing gates alone, you will be presented with a wide variety of kits. If you are not well informed, then you might end up buying the wrong product. Here are questions you should ask yourself when you are shopping for double swing gate kits:

What material is my gate made of?

First, you should know exactly what your gate is made of. Is it closed, boarded timber or is it patterned iron?

For timber, you should remember that it has high wind resistance, so your kit should have more power to move the leaves. For example, you can choose a 230V hydraulic kit, as this is the most recommended for this type of gate. However, a hydraulic arm or an underground motor is also a good option.

For patterned iron, you can choose a hydraulic or electromechanical motor with lesser voltage.

How heavy are the leaves of my gate?

Electric gates’ leaves differ from each other with regards to weight, and automatic gate opener kits also have their limitations. So, you must never use a kit on a gate that exceeds its operating limits.

To be sure, ask the manufacturer of your gate before you purchase a kit.

How often do I use my gate?

It is very important that, after automation, your gate will still be able to function as much as it had since you have installed it. Technically speaking, it should still be able to perform it duty cycle.

This duty cycle is also determined by the property that you have. You can choose double swing gate kits for residential properties, multi-residential properties, offices, light commercial properties, and commercial properties.

Do I need to open my gate quickly?

Yes, the speed you want your gate to open and close matters. For example, if you are located along a road with a high volume of traffic, then you need a gate opener that is fast enough to allow you to get in quickly not to cause obstruction on the road.

Will an automatic gate opener ruin the look of my gate?

No, it does not. Whether it is an underground motor or a gate mounted arm, these kits are already designed with aesthetics in mind. They will just complement the existing design of your gate and your driveway.

How much would it cost me to buy a kit?

Generally speaking, the cost of automating a gate varies on the type, size, weight, and usage requirements of your gate. Based on these pieces of information, you will know what type of kit you should have. Of course, you should first ask the expert opinion of your gate kit supplier.

Nonetheless, you can always find quality but cheap electric gate openers from trusted providers in your area.

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